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Hair Extension Rental

Are You Looking to Add Fullness and Volume to Your Hair Without The Hassle of Buying Extensions?

Look no further! Our clip-in hair extension rentals are a great option for you!

Our hiqh quality 100% Human Hair Clip-In extensions are thick and full and include 7 Pieces. These easy rental packages are the perfect solution for any bride not wanting to purchase them but still use them!

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How it works

If you're currently booked in with us please send us an email to inquire about rentals! Otherwise, kindly click the button below!

  1. Fill out the form below to inquire about your date.

  2. Once we have confirmed availability we will send you a contract and ask you to make a deposit.

  3. You will pick your extensions up the Wednesday before your event at our Studio Location in Mississauga and drop them off the following Monday at the same location.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of extensions do you rent?

We offer 18" 150g Human Hair Clip in extensions in a variety of colours and shades. They have been hand chosen by Cort, because they are so full. They include 9 pieces.

How do I know what colour I need?

We will set up a colour matching appointment at the salon studio prior to your pick up date and establish your needs. 

How Much is it?

We currently have 2 packages:

One for Your wedding day only which is $125.

Or Your Trial at the salon studio (2 hour rental) and Wedding Day for $175. 

How Long Do I get the extensions for?

For Trial date rental you will do your trial at our salon studio and your artist will have them there for the duration of your hair trial (1-3 hours).

For your wedding Day you have them for 5 days. The Wednesday before your wedding to the Monday following your wedding. 

How Do I Pick up and Drop off the extensions?

You'll pick the extensions up at our Studio on the Wednesday before your wedding and return them in-person to our studio on the following Monday. 

Can I Trim the extensions?

No cutting or alterations can be made to the extensions. They must be returned in the same condition they were picked up in minus the product you've added for styling, obviously. 

How are they cleaned?

They are shampooed, conditioned and sterilized between each use to ensure that they are ready for the next client. 

Do I need to clean them before drop off?

Nope! We'll do that for you. We do ask you to no tangle them up upon drop off but we'll care for them upon their return! 

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